Clinical Trial

We are excited to announce that all our providers at Princeton & Rutgers Neurology have recently partnered with the company, SiteRx.

By incorporating clinical trials into clinical practice, SiteRx works with your provider to match current, qualified patients with research study opportunities focused on Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

If your provider feels that you are a good candidate for a clinical trial, he or she will notify SiteRx that you are a potential study participant. SiteRx will review the referral from your provider and match you with an appropriate clinical trial.

After reviewing your information and determining if you have met the necessary criteria for a study, a patient outreach coordinator from SiteRx will reach out to you or your caregiver directly. Together with the outreach coordinator, you will review the details of the study and have an opportunity to ask any questions before determining whether or not you would like to proceed as a participant.

To learn more about SiteRx and their dedication to advancing healthcare by partnering with providers and making research opportunities more accessible, please click the photo below.


While our providers are working with SiteRx to identify patients who are potentially qualified for clinical trial opportunities, your provider and the staff at Princeton & Rutgers Neurology are not aware of the specific study you may be matched to. Additionally, Princeton & Rutgers Neurology does not conduct or have any involvement, outside of the referral to SiteRx, with any specific study, procedures, and study protocols.